In the silence of winters frost, an evil returns

“Winter is my bite, the cold my strength…”

The night was still.. Each breath seen as a plume of white smoke floating in the night. The moon hung as a bright light, illuminating the land with a soft white glow. Winter had settled on the land, bringing with it the cold, still nights. The travelers footsteps could be heard crushing the frozen ground beneath, leaving faint footprints of broken grass as a fine white impression of frost. “Never liked winter.” the traveler exclaimed as he picked up the pace in his walk down The Mile. “Damed toes are already numb and ears feel like they’re about to fall off” muttering to himself. “Can’t wait to get these cold bones next to the…” cutting his words short, the silence of the night settling back in. “What is that?” the traveler muttered as he stopped to stare at a distant shadow moving along the ground. Drawing his sword, the traveler stood, staring at the shape as it moved closer finally disappearing below the landscape. For what seemed like hours the traveler stood, waiting for the shape to appear back over the rise in the road. “Must’a been a dog.” he thought to himself as he relaxed and sheathed his sword. “Now to get the hell outa of this cold..” But his footsteps never found the frozen ground. Nothing but a low gurgle could be heard coming from the travelers throat as he turned to see the hand that now gripped his body with the force of a giant, the last sight his eyes would gaze upon was the sight of WinterFangs’ massive jaws reaching for its prey.

~ The Insidious – Return of WinterFang is introductory story arc taking place in the vibrant setting of a Calidar, this story arc is a segway into a much larger and far reaching story that will take the players to many different places throughout the world in search of fortune and glory. Each session will be recorded and transcribed here for all to share. ~

Insidious - Book One